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Content valuation that eliminates uncertainty and makes the most of your budget

Crunch the numbers.
Not your budget.

The best teams measure the real impact creators have on their campaigns using Valuence.

Understand Your Content's Worth

Know exactly what you're paying for without guessing if a quote is too high or if your budget will meet expectations.

Our algorithm predicts content performance and suggests fair pricing, simplifying your negotiation process.

Find the Perfect Creators

Our platform offers the opportunity to lookup any creator, giving you the freedom to choose those who truly match your brand's identity.

Build Trust with Creators

Start with trust and clear insights.

We offer transparent analytics for both brands and creators, ensuring you have all the necessary information to foster healthy relationships.

Optimize Campaigns with Simulations

Before committing your budget, simulate potential campaigns and offers to predict their success.

Test different strategies and see how they perform, ensuring you make informed decisions.

2024 Roadmap

Creator reports for Brands

Generate detailed reports on creators, including insights on past performance and audience engagement, to make informed collaboration decisions.

Offers & Campaigns forecasting

Personal assistant app for Creators

Integrated payments & Collaborative workspaces

Paid post tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing model takes into consideration both qualitative and quantitative aspects of content. Using our advanced algorithm we predict pricing based expected performance, impressions, engagements. Content interaction quality and perceived value of a creator’s audience is also factored in to ensure fairness.

Yes, you can search any creator with a public profile on the social media platforms we support.
If your search result does not appear, make sure the account is not a private account and that the spelling is correct.

Valuence currently supports Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

We plan to support more platforms in the future, including Twitch.

Our platform prioritizes delivering up-to-date information, which means the time it takes to load a creator report can range from 10 to 40 seconds. This duration is influenced by the specific social media platform from which we're extracting data.

However, when a creator's report has been loaded by any user within the past 24 hours, the report will be available almost immediately.

Our algorithms detect variations in levels of engagements and impressions in relation to a creator’s audience size and attribute additional value to rising content performance.
This also applies to the opposite scenario where a creator’s performance is flattening or decreasing.

Impressions refer to the total number of times a piece of content has been properly viewed (i.e. over 3 seconds for TikToks and Reels) by any user.

Engagements are composed of the total number of interactions a piece of content has generated (likes, comments, reposts…).

As a young startup, we plan on expanding our offerings a lot more in the near future and building a platform that incentivizes collaboration and transparency.

In our upcoming plans, we are introducing a range of new features, including the ability to create and manage brand deals with creators. We are super excited about what’s coming next on Valuence, so keep an eye out for us!

By sharing the same information to all parties and making it accessible to creators as well as brands, we guarantee a space where healthy and transparent brand relationships can thrive.

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